Fondation Suisse pour les Cyberthèses

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Swiss Foundation for Cyberthosis

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The Fondation Suisse pour les Cyberthèses FSC (Swiss Foundation for Cyberthosis) is a private non profit-making organisation, officially recognised as beneficial to the public. The SFC is an interdisciplinary Research & Development institute in the field of neurotechnologies, specialising in neurological re-education, particularly for paraplegic and hemiplegic patients

The aim of the SFC is to become the Swiss Centre "par excellence" in research into the technological methods involved in the re-education of the loco motor system. The term «cyberthosis», created by SFC, means the association of «cybernetics» with a « functional orthosis», a movable splint consisting of an «exoskeleton» for the support and guidance of a limb with deficient mobility. In this case, the cybernetics includes the control system and an electrical neuromuscular stimulation   regulated in a closed loop (CLEMS: Closed-Loop Electrical Muscle Stimulation). In brief, a cyberthosis is an "intelligent" functional orthosis.

The FSC is currently conducting an ambitious project for the rehabilitation of paraplegic or hemiplegic patients. The global concept of this project, based on actual facts duly established and recognised, consists of three stages of consecutive re-education using the devices presented below.

General diagram

Methode en 3 étapes